Research Summary

Our laboratory aims to blur the lines between genomics and proteomics. Our philosophy espouses the systematic collection of large, quantitative proteomic data sets to be leveraged by the genomics and modeling communities. We target areas where proteomics can offer unique contributions, including the study of post-translational modifications (especially chromatin marks and phosphosignaling) and protein interactions. To achieve these goals, we develop and apply experimental and computational methodologies for:

  • Targeted Quantitative Proteomics
  • Protein Interactomics (-protein, -nucleic acid, -ligand)
  • Comprehensive MS data collection (DIA/SWATH)
  • High throughput automated sample preparation
  • Miniaturization and microfluidic workflows for limited sample amounts
  • Proteomics information frameworks
  • Intuitive visualizations of proteomic data
We are always looking for people who are inspired to make innovative contributions in these areas. At present, we are specifically seeking computational post-doctoral associates or staff scientists who would enjoy the challenge of analyzing large proteomic data sets.