Updated by Buhm Han on December 6, 2013

Maintained by me

GraphIBD performs fast IBD association testing given genome-wide SNP data. (Bioinformatics 2013)

SNP2HLA imputes HLA alleles, amino acids, and SNPs for the analysis of MHC region. (PLOS One 2013)

METASOFT is a meta-analysis tool including new random effects model. (AJHG 2011, PLoS Genetics 2012)

LDPAC detects spurious associations using p-values. (Genetic Epidemiology 2011)

SLIDE corrects for multiple hypothesis testing in GWAS. (PLoS Genetics 2009)

SLIP estimates statistical power of a study design in GWAS. (PLoS Genetics 2009)

POWERDESIGN selects tag SNPs to maximize power. (Annals of Human Genetics 2008)

Maintained by others

EPIGWAS identifies chromatin marks overlapping phenotypically associated SNPs. (Trynka et al, Nature Genetics 2013)

RAREVARIANTS proposes two methods for testing associations at rare variants. (Sul et al, Genetics 2011)

MOUSE HAPMAP provides genotype resource of 94 inbred mouse strains. (Kirby et al, Genetics 2010)

EMINIM is an imputation method adapted for model organisms. (Kang et al, RECOMB 2009)