Medical Illustration

We created the DNAtrium to allow users to explore the information in the human genome, our genetic instruction book. Through unique exhibits, the DNAtrium showcases how genomic science is propelling progress in biology and medicine. Visitors can hear from scientists about their groundbreaking work at the Broad Institute, peer into the laboratory machines that yield torrents of biological information, and connect with recent discoveries in genomic science from around the world. The DNAtrium is located in the ground floor of the Broad Institute in Cambridge, MA.


The DataStream visualizes actual data recently collected by scientists at the Broad Institute in genome sequencing, genetic analysis, and chemical biology.

Watch a trailer of the exhibit or longer runs of each of the individual “streams" by clicking the links below

Science in Action

In this exhibit, Broad scientists describe today's powerful genomic technologies and how they are being used to transform genomic science and medicine.

Genome sequencing:

Microarray analysis:

Chemical screening:

COmmunity research experience (CRX)

It takes a scientific community. Through its giant interactive display, the CRX describes efforts around the world to tackle important problems in genomics and medicine.

Timeline of medicine