Talks relating to science, art, and the interface between art and science

Science & Visualization

Rice University Visual Communication Symposium
Visual approaches to exploring and explaining Data
Feb  2019 – Houston TX (Program)

Simons Foundation Scientific Visualization Conference
Oct 2017 - New York NY (Program)

Invited speaker at Novartis
Oct 2017 - Cambridge MA

EMBO Science & Society Lecture at BacNet17
Showing the Unseen
Sept 2017 – Sant Feliu de Guixols, Spain (Program)

Invited speaker at Biogen
Sept 2017 - Cambridge MA

Invited speaker at Vertex Pharmaceuticals
July 2017 - Boston MA

Invited speaker at Blueprint Medicines
June 2017 - Cambridge MA

3rd Annual Biological Visualisation Network Meeting (Keynote)
Art & Science: A partnership catalyzing discovery in biomedicine
April 2017 – Edinburgh, Scotland (Program, Video)

Northeastern University College of Arts, Media, and Design
Jan 2017 – Boston MA (poster)

Nat'l Academy of Science Frontier Symposium
Nov 2014 – Los Angeles CA (video)

4th Symposium on Biological Data Visualization
July 2014 – Boston MA

BioIT World Conference
Apr 2014 – Boston MA

VIZBI (Keynote)
Mar 2014 – Heidelberg, Germany

Revolutionaries for Global Health Summit
May 2013 – Boston MA

American Society for Cell Biology Annual Meeting
Dec 2012 – San Francisco CA

A New Multidisciplinary Approach to Data Understanding
Harvard University
Nov 2012 – Cambridge MA

Danish Royal Academy of Science and Letters
You Need to See This
Sept 2012 – Copenhagen, Denmark

Dagstuhl on Biological Data Visualization
Sept 2012 – Wadern, Germany.

Distinguished Lecture Series for iNANO
Aarhus University
Aug 2012 – Aarhus Denmark

Novartis Informatics in Drug Discovery
Mar 2012 – Boston MA

Association of Medical Illustration Annual Meeting
July 2011 – Baltimore MD

Gordon Research Conference on Visualization in Science & Education
July 2011 – Smithfield RI

Illumina iDEA challenge (Keynote)
June 2011 – San Diego, CA.

Nature Publishing Group’s Landscape on visualization
Mar 2011 – Cambridge MA

Jan 2011 – Providence RI

Broad Institute Annual Scientific Retreat
Nov 2010 – Boston MA

Association of Medical Illustrators Annual Meeting
July 2010 – Portland OR

MIT Media Lab Engaging Health Workshop
July 2010 – Cambridge MA

EuroVis Symposium on Visualization
June 2010 – Bordeaux, France

European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI) Interfaces Forum
June 2010 – Cambridge UK

ACM-IEEE Computer Society Joint Seminar
May 2013 – Cambridge, MA (video)

International Think Tank on Visualization
April 2010 – Denver CO

EMBO Science & Society Lecture / VIZBI 2010 (Keynote)
Mar 2010 – Heidelberg, Germany


Invited speaker ETH Zurich
Art & Science: A partnership catalyzing discovery
Aug 2018 – Zurich, Switzerland

Samson Feldman Lecture at Johns Hopkins Univ.
Apr 2016 – Baltimore MD

Catalyst Conversation with Heather Dewey-Hagborg
Oct 2013 – Boston MA

School at the Museum of Fine Arts
Four Sculptors Lecture Series

Oct 2013 – Boston MA

Swiss Style Reboot Exhibition
June 2013 – Boston MA

Institute for Contemporary Art Gallery Talk
Oct 2012 – Boston MA (video)

100 years of Medical Illustration at Johns Hopkins
July 2011 – Baltimore MD

Mass College of Art & Design MediaTechTonic
Oct 2010 – Boston MA

Einstein Meets Picasso
May 2010 – Brandeis University, Boston MA (Program)


Exploration to Explanation: A hands-on workshop on visual approaches to scientific data
Part of ETH and Zurich University Graduate Student Retreat
August 2018 – Visp Zurich

Data visualization & user experience (DVUX) workshops
Open Data Science Conference
Annually in May from 2015 – 2018 – Boston MA

DVUX Barcelona
Esade Creapolis
Nov 2017 – Barcelona, Spain

DVUX Cambridge
Cambridge Innovation Center
Sept 2016 – Cambridge MA

DVUX Sydney
VIVID / Data Visualization Masterclass
June 2015 – Sydney, Australia


VIVID Sydney
June 2016 –Sidney, Australia

Science for the Public
Dec 2012 – Boston MA (video)

Saturday Evening Lecture
Feb 2011 – Dundee, Scotland

15th Annual Symposium on Biotechnology Education
Mar 2010 – Boston MA

Guest lectures

MIT BEWrite Seminar
Jan 2013 – Cambridge MA

MIT Scientific Communications
Apr 2013 – Cambridge MA

MIT STS034 Science Communication: A Practical Guide
Oct 2012 – Cambridge MA

Harvard University CS171 Visualization
April 2008 – 2012  Cambridge MA

Tufts University CompSci155
July 2008 – Boston MA